Casey Purvis – Owner, Composer / Producer

Casey, a self-taught musician, began playing guitar at the age of 8. He joined his first band at age 11. Throughout his time in his bands around LA he played bass guitar and keyboards and then moved on to drums and singing lead. During this time Casey wrote almost 1,500 tunes as a songwriter and also worked on his passion as a lyricist. After establishing himself as a talented songwriter, lyricist and performer, Casey began producing many albums and coordinating the tours for his bands. Casey’s last band based project “No Mercy “, was signed to a demo deal with Geffen Records and received extensive airplay on local radio stations. Casey then moved on to independent composing to create music from within, and to expand upon his creative energy.

Richard McHugh – Owner, Composer / Producer

Richard McHugh writes music in genres such as the following: Orchestral Action, Chase, Suspense, Horror and Drama, and over 15 Sy Fy Channel original movies, including “Dragon Storm”, “Epoch” and “Lost Voyage”. His notable skill in conceptual design landed him a position scoring Jake 2.0 and Bratz. His work has been featured in many Network Channels (CBS, FOX & UPN) countless cable channels, HBO, etc. Born and raised in NYC, Richard has always had an affinity for the elements of orchestral design, catchy melody’s, and solid rhythms. Richards passion for composing is reflected in the powerful scores that he creates.

Vision 1 Music

Richard and Casey met, combined their strong creative writing forces in the year 2009, and began a working partnership that has become Vision 1 Music. Since then, they have composed for a long list of Television Show and Films, as well as many top name publishing companies.