Close your eyes  or maybe not, because you can’t continue reading this that way  Now imagine out of the blue, a producer came up to and told you that they wanted to make a documentary about your life, and, you get to choose the soundtrack.
You can’t choose just one piece of music to convey your joys, your sorrows, your fears or your fervor for life. Unless you’re a robot, you’re going to need an extremely wide variety of pieces to properly express the emotion of every significant moment.
Vision1Music is a collaboration between, Founder Casey Purvis and Richard McHugh, who have dedicated their entire lives to producing music straight from the heart. Music that fulfills the soul.
We strive to make your experience in selecting the perfect song for each moment as simple as possible. Our interface is easy to use and our library is constantly growing and evolving. 
Our goal is to provide you, the creative, with only cream of the crop music, through our extensive library of award-winning composers and indie artists.
We want to get to know you as an individual and create relationships, so we can collaborate to find exactly what you need for your client or project. This is how true art is made.  Lets create something amazing together.